white box studio.

Proudly based in Sardinia. Lucky enough to work all over the world.

Gianluca Vassallo, founder and art director of White Box Studio, is used to ironically call  himself  “Artist and Bitch”.  His work has been exhibited by several galleries and institutions in Italy and abroad for a decade as long he decided to offer to the visual communication market his “overthinking, human and ethical” approach. Of course he is still working as an artist but mostly as a bitch.

Francesco Mannironi
Photographer, Videoeditor
Maddalena Satta
Account Manager, Producer
Daniele Arca
Filmaker, Videoeditor


Nothing but progressive visual communication, moved by the love for everything you can see, touch, listen, smell, experience. We work with selected brands having safe work environment and fair salaries for them employees. We like to work hard responding to our ethical beliefs: no gender or religious, or political or ethnic discriminations in our visual production.


We believe that the visual communication industry has the responsibility to spread complexity instead of stereotype, inspiring people trough the beauty of reality, trough the depth of the imagination opposites to the mediocrity of standardized cultural and social models. We call our approach “Post-Advertising”.

clients. partners.

loving all of them

foscarini.  boffi.  depadova.  tubes.  safilo.  alpi.  sant’andrea.  decastelli.  bam design.  rcs.  galleria arte moderna milano.  designwork.  choice studio.  graphix.  camera a sud.  tiscali.  birra ichnusa.  marriott hotels


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